The new school of young feminism is all about sexual liberation. It's being propelled forward by high profile black women in entertainment and music. 

The ultimate idea is that you should be able to sleep with as many men as you want, in any given time period, without being labeled a ho, slut or whore.

A lofty goal. But I often wonder just how liberating sexual liberation is for the average black woman (or woman in general)?

Men sure have it easy these days. They can pretty much breathe in a woman's direction and get sex from her, and that's in part due to the "sexual liberation" movement.

I get it. You don't want anyone telling you what to do. You don't want anyone telling you how to conduct yourself or use your body. True. I do whatever the hell I want to do as a grown adult.

But let's go beyond that for a moment. What exactly is the liberating aspect of sexual liberation for women? Who benefits from it the most and who gets the sharp end of the stick? Who's really being freed?

When you have sex with a lot of men in a short period of time, you put yourself in a number of situations that could effect your basic human rights and "freedom." For example:

- Possibly becoming pregnant, but you're not sure by whom. Now you're also affecting the life of your future child.

- Possibly catching an STI or STD and not sure who gave it to you. Now you have to contact X amount of partners to warn them as well.

- Frequent yeast infections, vaginitis, other random woman's issues and buying morning after pills that take substantial money out of your budget every month.

- Giving men in general more license and fodder to spread their base misogyny, especially in public spheres thanks to social media.

- Jumping from man to man, none of whom really care about the essence of YOU, never finding real fulfillment within yourself.

There isn't a whole lot that I find empowering about any of those situations.

When I was 20 I had an abnormal pap smear. I was very shocked because I always used protection and was choosy about the guys I chose to sleep with etc. But what I learned from the GYN is that some abnormal cells can develop even from protected sex. 

Let's not even talk about the feeling of momentary enslavement if you have to wait for the results of an HIV test. Especially if you know you've been with a lot of men in a short period of time. Is that scenario freeing for a woman?

These are questions and thoughts to challenge the current wave of new feminism that completely and blindly embraces sexual "freedom." I believe that bell hooks and a number of other feminist voices have started to chime in on this issue because they see where this type of thought pattern can lead when it comes to women's overall health and well-being.

The point of these challenges to sexual liberation is not to oppress or shame women. It's about prioritizing yourself and your needs as a woman. Despite what you may see everyday in American culture and media, there's a whole lot more to being a woman than using your body and looks as your main source of expression.




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