Welcome to Black Women Thrive, a new section of ClassyBlackLady.com focused on encouraging black women and girls in need.

The purpose of this new addition to our site is to provide encouragement, advice, resources and stories to help black women of all ages overcome and THRIVE in their lives.

Contact CBL if you're interested in submitting a personal story that has to do with one or more of the following situations:

- how you overcame a difficult or challenging situation in life
- how you broke through a barrier and started thriving in your life (whether it be in your career, your approach to relationships with other people or another type of situation)
- how you managed to stay motivated and move forward in your life
- other positive story ideas welcome!

You can submit your story anonymously or we'll add a resource box and photo to the story to help you promote your site or business. If the story is chosen for publication on Thrive.ClassyBlackLady.com we'll contact you via email and post the story on Twitter and other social media outlets.

If you're a woman or young girl in need of encouragement, follow this blog to receive updates whenever a new story is posted.


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