I caught the reunion episode of a reality show called the R&B Divas of Atlanta. I didn't watch the season, but clearly there was some major tension between a few of the ladies.

The show was hosted by Joe Clair, a black male comedian who was really there to just play up on the drama. That he did, and the women just disrespected him, yelling over him as if he wasn't even there. It got to the point where he had to call in assistance from Sheryl Lee Ralph -- a woman I have always admired for her style, elegance and grace. As soon as Ms. Sheryl walked into the room it got quiet and everyone seemed to feel ashamed of themselves.

It was as if something magical happened, because the conversation immediately changed. Instead of pointing the finger of blame at the next woman, the women started talking about how disgusted they were with THEMSELVES for making a fool of themselves on television.

The Real Issue Is Within
If you have a lot of struggles and arguments with the people in your life, it may be time to do some personal soul searching. Whenever you get angry with another person, there's a problem inside of YOU. No exceptions.

Something about that person just burns you up, right? There's a good chance that the trait you don't like in that other person is one that you don't like in YOURSELF. Or maybe it is a trait you secretly wish you had.

We are the most angry with ourselves. Think about it.

The women on that show were clearly angry, but not at anyone else -- they were angry at themselves for some reason. Maybe they were having problems at home. Maybe they were angry at themselves for not reaching their full potential as singers or for the way they were being portrayed on television. They didn't know what to do with that simmering inner rage, so they simply chose to take it out on a fellow sister in the struggle.

If you have a lot of problems with the people in your life, be honest with yourself about what the real source is -- it all comes down to you. Once you really deal with that, other people will have a hard time getting you to come out of your character.

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