I called up an elder relative who is over 80 years old. We talked about a few different things but soon the conversation turned to the past. She told me some stories of how she had a friend when she was younger who was always jealous of her.

"You can't trust women," she said over and over.

By the time I hung up the phone I knew why there was so much contention between the women on that side of the family. She had probably planted that seed in them long ago.

Her daughters then went on and planted that seed in their daughters and so on and so forth on down the line.

I think that seed is the reason why so many daughters and mothers can't get along. Why sisters can't get along. Why women have so many rifts with the women who they call their friends.

"You can't trust women."

When I hear a woman say something like that I immediately wonder,

"So does that mean you can't be trusted either? Because hello... YOU are a woman."

You have to be careful about the words you say and the messages you spread, because you may very well be "cursing" yourself in a way. You could be planting a seed of mistrust in your daughters or nieces that will grow into a big ugly weed one day.

"You can't trust women."

Let's Promote Sisterhood and Genuine Friendships
I don't subscribe to this nonsense and if I were to ever have a daughter I would teach her how to love herself and other bright young women just like herself. I would teach her how to create strong friendships and connections with other women so that they don't ever feel alone or disconnected.

Yes some women are damaged and do things that don't make sense to their fellow sisters, but you know what? MORE women are loving, caring and supportive of those around them. In fact, in my experience women are usually the supportive force in everyone's life:

- the caregiver when all the other family members run for the hills

- the comforter when you're feeling down and out and need a hug

- the listener when you just need to vent

- the one who makes the sacrifice when someone has to do something about it

- the buyer when you come out with a new product or service and need some support

What About You?
If you think that women can't be trusted, I will be so bold to say that you are probably talking about yourself when you say that. What you see in others is almost always something that deep down you see in your own self. So some INNER work is needed to get past that notion.

Ask yourself why you are continually around women you don't feel that you can trust? There's a saying that birds of a feather will flock together, so maybe you need a new circle of women to see that there are many trustworthy, honest and supportive women out there who will not stab you in the back.

But first you have to BE that trustworthy, honest and supportive woman yourself.

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