In one of my very rare moments listening to the radio while driving, I heard this new singer that everyone has been raving about. The beat is catchy and makes the song addictive. The chorus goes:

"We'll never be royals... "

Over and over and over again.

I wake up in the morning the next morning and for some reason that refrain is playing in my head.

"We'll never be rulers..."

Out running errands the song is still playing over and over.

"We'll never be royals...It don't run in our blood..."

Until I finally had to recognize and call out what was going on. I get what she's trying to say overall; that they don't need all the bling and things to be happy. But I also think that the song is appealing to a generation of young people who just want to give up on everything. They don't have much hope or inspiration to be great.

So I had to openly state: listen, you might never be royal, but don't try to put that on me sister! I am whatever I say I am (no matter what someone else may think) so if I say today that I am royal then I am. Simple.

Failure or success (whatever that may mean to you) doesn't run in someone's blood. It's a choice we make every day. Yes, people are struggling, but they don't have to accept that as their reality forever and just give up on trying to have what they really want in life.

To be fair, it's not just about this particular song. This happens with pretty much all catchy songs that you can't get out of your head -- especially in hip-hop and pop music. It's part of the reason why I avoid listening to the radio.

If you keep saying that same negative message to yourself over and over again eventually it's going to seep into your subconscious. You'll start to believe it to be true for you.

It's almost like you're chanting or casting a spell -- you have to snap yourself out of it and come back to your senses.

The Formula

Musicians in the music industry know the formula to create a song that will catch on quickly. You need an almost trance-like beat and a chorus that is hard to forget. The chorus has to be repeated over and over again.

When you have that formula it really doesn't matter what you say in the song -- the artist could be chanting "I'm a dummy yo, I'm a dummy yo. I'm a dum dum da da da da dummy" -- and most people will still repeat it over and over again as if they are in some sort of trance.

I don't know if musicians, writers and producers are creating choruses with negative messages for a diabolical purpose, or just because that's what the marketing people think will sell. All I know is that we're hard-pressed to find music these days that has us waking up with positive lyrics on our minds.

Please be careful of what you're listening to on your iPod or on the radio.When you put those earbuds in your ears, what are you dumping into your brain? Those messages could be affecting your entire day and how you perceive yourself.

Let music be a soothing release that inspires you to be great -- don't let it tranquilize your mind.

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